• Instructions for session chairs
  • Instructions for presenters
  • Instructions for participants

Session chairs are expected to be physically present at the conference venue, subject to COVID-19 related restrictions.

Zoom training sessions for session chairs will be provided before the conference takes place.

General responsibilities for a session chair

  1. Introduce the session
  2. Introduce each presenter and paper before its presentation
  3. For a presenter that is physically present:
    1. Ensure that Zoom session is streaming the presenter audio-visual stream
    2. In case of any physical presentation issues, stream the pre-recorded presenter presentation
  4. For a presenter that is virtually present:
    1. Ensure that Zoom session is streaming the pre-recorded presenter presentation
  5. Facilitate the question and answer session
    1. For questions asked by physically present participants:
      1. Ask participants to direct questions to microphone
    2. For questions asked by virtually present participants:
      1. Read aloud questions from the chat 
  6. Ensure good timekeeping throughout
  7. Conclude the session

Dry run sessions for presenters will be provided before the conference takes place.

Preparing the presentation - Physical and virtual presenters

The allocated presentation slot is 15 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for questions and answers. Presentation slides should be prepared in English as 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio in PowerPoint or PDF formats. Please include slide numbers for easy references during question and answer sessions.

Preparing the recording of the presentation - Physical and virtual presenters

All presenters (physical and virtual) should pre-record their presentations before the conference. 

  • The maximum file size for the recording is 200MB. 
  • The file format should be MP4. 
  • The maximum length of the recording is 15 minutes.
  • The minimum recommended resolution is 720p (1280x720 pixels).
  • The first slide should include the title of the paper, all authors, all author affiliations.

Options for creating a pre-recorded presentation:

  1. Set up a meeting for yourself with your favourite video-conferencing provider (Zoom, Microsoft Teams), share your presentation and record your presentation in your meeting. Save the recording.
  2. Use screen capturing software such as OBS Studio, CamStudio.
  3. Use the recording functionality in PowerPoint (under Slide Show → Record Slide Show).

Tips for recording:

  • Good sound quality is important - if possible, use an external microphone, such as the microphone that is incorporated in a headset.
  • Including the video feed of the speaker helps to make the presentation more accessible and easier to follow. Make sure the video feed does not obscure content on the slide.
  • A perfect take is not required. If you want to, you can use editing software (e.g, DaVinci Resolve) to edit the video after the recording. 
  • If your file size is larger than 200MB, try to use a plain white background without animations. Make sure to choose a low resolution (720p).

Uploading the presentation slides and recording of the presentation - Physical and virtual presenters

Presentation slides must be uploaded in PDF format (maximum file size: 50MB). Presentation recordings must be uploaded in MP4 format (maximum file size: 200MB).

The following filename convention must be used for the presentation slides and the recording of the presentation:

  • Slides: PaperCode_FirstAuthorSurname_Slides, for example: TuA1.1_Olivier_Slides.pdf
  • Recording: PaperCode_FirstAuthorSurname_Recording TuA1.1_Olivier_Recording.mp4

The paper code can be verified on the conference programme: https://cca2021.org/up-to-date-program/ 

Example of paper code and first author surname on conference programme

Presentation slides and recordings must be uploaded to the link that will be provided to the corresponding authors via email.
The deadline for uploading slides and recordings is 17h00 South Africa Standard Time 1 December 2021.

Delivering the presentation - Physical presenters

The pre-recorded presentation is available as a backup in case of unforeseen circumstances. For presenters physically present at the venue, a presentation laptop will be made available, with Zoom functionality to stream the audio and visual aspects (including webcamera footage of the presenter) to virtual attendees. After the presentation, the session chair will direct questions (from physical and virtual participants) to the physical presenter, to be answered live in such a way that the presenter laptop and physical audience can hear the answers.

Delivering the presentation - Virtual presenters

Virtual presenters are required to join the sessions that they will be presenting in from the start of the session via the provided Zoom link. The session chair will introduce each virtual presenter before their slot. The webcamera of the virtual presenter can be turned on during this introduction, and then switched off thereafter. The session chair will play the pre-recorded presentation. After the recording, the session chair will direct questions (from physical and virtual participants) to the virtual presenter, to be answered live via webcamera using the Zoom interface.

Kindly be advised the link for the conference (and workshop) will be emailed to delegates along with any final instructions. Should you have registered and not receive same please contact secretariat@sacac.org.za.